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Sports Nutrition Interview Series: Jessica Moulds - Mainland Tactix

1. Where do you currently live?

I was brought up in a small town in Northland but have recently moved to Christchurch to play for the Mainland Tactix and set up a nutrition practice - Mission Nutrition.

2. Tell us a little about your sport and the weekly training that’s involved?

Netball is becoming more and more physical so strength and power is a big part of our program. A normal week would consist of 3 full body weights sessions, 3 netball/skill based sessions (usually around 2-3 hours), a couple of running/bike sessions and a 60 minute game if we are in season.

3. What’s your favourite pre-training or pre-match meal?

Game day food is always the same for me as I know it works and these are some of my favourite foods so it is always such a great day. I always have porridge for breakfast with banana, dates and nuts. For lunch I have poached eggs and avocado on toast (sometimes with a side of mushrooms, spinach or salmon) and pre-game I always have a peanut butter, banana and oat smoothie - so good!

4. It’s great to know what our top athletes eat! Run us through a typical training day and what you would eat...

So the above is for game day but a normal training day varies quite a bit for me because I love trying new things. Breakfast will be some sort of porridge either with banana, dates, grated apple/pear, carrot + nuts.

Lunch changes a lot depending if are any dinner leftovers. If i don't have leftovers it will probably be an omelette with lots of vegetables or tuna with brown rice and vegetables if I’m on the go.

Dinner again varies but always contains heaps of vegetables and some sort of meat. The amount of carbohydrate I have with dinner will depend on how active I have been that day. I eat six times a day so will have 2-3 snacks throughout the day consisting of crackers with cheese, nuts, fruit, yoghurt, veggies and hummus and sometimes the odd piece of chocolate or cake when I have coffee with friends.

5. What’s your go-to recovery snack or meal after a game?

Definitely a smoothie. We take turns in the team to make a recovery smoothie for everyone so the flavour changes all the time but generally it will contain bananas, protein, milk, oats, honey and sometimes weetbix.

6. Do you have a stand-out cook in the team?

Hmm Nicola Mackle is a great cook - she often bakes for us which is GOLD!

7. If we peered into your fridge and pantry what would we find?

Fridge staples - yoghurt, milk, veggies, hummus, pickled onions, cheese, dark chocolate.

Pantry staples - brown rice, chickpeas, chilli beans, oats, tuna, grainy crackers, dates, eggs, peanut butter and lots of different nuts.

8. What’s your favourite meal of all time?

Tough question because there are so many but I love Mexican salad with chilli mince, a big slaw of cabbage, carrot, red onion, corn, capsicum and guacamole and sour cream on top.

9. Name your go-to blog or cookbook for healthy recipe inspiration?

Definitely the Healthy Food Guide magazine.

10. Do you have a local café that you would recommend to other athletes?

We always go to C1 Espresso down here in Christchurch but I also like Under the Red Verandah

11. Do you have any advice for staying hydrated whilst travelling to games or tournaments overseas?

I always fill up my drink bottle after going through customs and try to drink at least two bottles before arriving at our destination. We don't have many long haul flights but if we did I would use an electrolyte replacement like Nuun as well.

12. Do you have any tips for budding young athletes wanting to ward off illness, cold or flu whilst travelling and tackling a gruelling sporting schedule?

Making sure you get enough vegetables can be really hard when travelling and they are so important for fighting off bugs. Make sure you load up whenever you get the chance and ask for extra on the side if eating out.

Thanks so much Jess. That's such a great idea for players in the team to take turns making deliciously healthy recovery smoothies. A great way to enjoy different flavour combinations too! That Mexican Salad looks just delicious too, especially after a tough game or training. Yum!

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