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  • Health at Every Size/Non-Diet Approach


Using the HAES approach, Hope Nutrition can support you to develop and foster lifelong skills and tools to enjoy a healthy relationship with food and your body without focusing on body weight. The focus is on health and wellness and enjoying a flexible, curious and enjoyable relationship with all foods and movement that makes you happy!  Much research has focused on the limited effect of weight loss diets, whereas the HAES approach is a kind and compassionate method that has resulted in an array of positive results for health and well-being that is long-lasting and of meaning to those who enjoy this non-diet centered approach to nutrition. 

  • Sports Performance Nutrition

    • Including teams or individuals, training & competition nutrition


Hope Nutrition’s registered nutritionist can help both individuals and teams on range of sports nutrition issues:


·         Nutrient requirements for a particular sport, event or training duration

·         Hydration strategies

·         Supplement advice to support an optimal diet

·         Recovery nutrition

·         Meal and snack ideas for before, during and after sports, events and exercise

·         Sports performance nutrition

·         Carbohydrate loading

·         Nutrition strategies for making weight or a weight-class specific sport


Whether you are after nutrition advice in a one-one-one setting or a sports nutrition seminar for a professional, competitive or social sports team, please email to make an appointment.


  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Nutrition


Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life. Both pregnancy and breastfeeding require a nutrient dense diet for the benefit of both the mother and baby. Hope Nutrition has the expertise to work with expectant mothers and breastfeeding mothers to ensure they have a healthy relationship with food and their changing body through the non-diet approach by enjoying a varied and nutritious range of foods.  



  • Nutrition for Health-related Conditions

    • High cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, recovery nutrition 


Hope Nutrition can help you with specific nutrition advice for health-related conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, ageing concerns, high cholesterol, coeliac disease, IBS or other food allergies.


You will gain the knowledge and skills to plan meals and snacks with flexibility, curiosity and enjoyment to enable you to eat well to better manage and support your condition. Hope Nutrition has a wealth of experience with gluten-free diets especially. 


  • Children's Health & Nutrition


The habits children form when they are young last a lifetime. Optimal nutrition for babies, toddlers and children is so important as it provides the foundation for a healthy adulthood. Hope Nutrition has the expertise to offer nutrition advice for parents and teachers using role modelling and the non-diet approach which focuses on the whole person with a compassionate, curious and flexible approach to a varied and nutritious intake of foods. 


If you would like to organise a fun and informative nutrition seminar for a group of parents at a preschool or school, please email


  • Optimal Health & Energy


Food is what provides our bodies with the nutrients we need to live, breathe and move every day.  These nutrients provided by our food not only keep us alive but they are also needed for any movement, specific life-stages where our needs change and to help us cope with stressful situations. If you are wanting to learn skills and tools to support long-term wellness and a healthy relationship with food and your body using the non-diet approach,  please email  


  • Workplace Nutrition

    • Nutrition policies, catering guidelines, seminars, presentations


Hope Nutrition’s NZ registered nutritionist Emily Hope has experience developing and implementing workplace wellness programmes. Whether your workplace is looking for catering guidelines, a cafeteria menu review or a fun and interactive nutrition seminar for your staff, Hope Nutrition can help your workplace to foster a healthy and productive working environment. Seminar topics can be individualised but could include:


·        Lifelong health and wellness using the non-diet approach to foster a healthy relationship with food and the body

·        Eating for sport or practical sports nutrition advice for a workplace event

·        Nutritious and tasty snack and lunch ideas for work

·        Cooking/food demonstrations


  • Supermarket Tours 


Hope Nutrition can help you to navigate and understand your supermarket, including where you can find the most nutrient-dense foods.


Hope Nutrition Rates (as of 1 August 2015)


Pay as You Go: 

Initial consultation (60 minutes) - $110 + GST

Follow-up consultation (30 minutes) - $60 + GST

Touch base catch-up (15 minutes) - $30 + GST


Nutrition Package (pay up-front):

1 x initial consultation + 2 x 30 minute follow-ups - $207 + GST (10% discount)


Workshop/Seminar - POA

Ladies nutrition night - POA

Supermarket tour/label reading workshop - POA


Please email for an appointment today 


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