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Hello and welcome to the Hope Nutrition website!


My name is Emily Hope and I’m a qualified NZ Registered Nutritionist. The Hope Nutrition website was born out of a love for food, nutrition and the power it has to better people’s lives.


I studied nutrition at the University of Otago and feel so blessed to have studied in such an amazing nutrition department with so many passionate educators. After my three-year nutrition degree, I embarked on a Masters degree studying 225 toddlers, which in a nutshell, involved feeding them either red meat, fortified milk or a placebo milk and monitoring their zinc status and growth. With an amazing team, I learnt so much and became very handy at collecting toddlers’ hair & urine samples!


In a turn of fate, my (now husband) was offered the chance to travel to a tiny village in Northern Italy and play rugby for a year. Of course, I had to go. Italy is after all a foodie’s dream and it certainly didn’t disappoint!


While my nutrition degree ignited a fire for food, cooking and health, my time in Italy brought it to life. We were surrounded by amazing fresh seasonal produce, simple recipes, talented family cooks and a lifestyle of food prepared with love that was savoured around the dinner table with family & friends.


After a year abroad, we returned to Auckland where I spent three years working in Public Health, educating community groups, refugee populations and workplaces. This was followed by time with a corporate health food company where my role involved developing recipes, providing nutrition expertise for product labels & marketing campaigns, writing nutrition articles for both online and print media and training retail staff.


Since relocating to my home town of Marlborough, I have a new found appreciation for home-grown vegetables, using local produce as much as possible and ultimately gaining optimal health through the food that I cook and share with family & friends. Living in a rural setting with a four-legged furry friend has also made getting outdoors all the more exciting! 


I think it is absolutely fair to say that nutritionists love food but it is a focus on whole, natural unprocessed foods and feeding your body as many nutrients as possible rather than eating predominantly processed foods. This means, focusing on what you should eat that’s good for your health rather than focusing on what you shouldn’t eat. The good news is that it’s time to enjoy real food again.


Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, get the most out of your training or improve your child’s eating habits, I can help. My motto is to feed your body, mind & life and it certainly means eating delicious, nutritious food each and every day and enjoying what you eat! 


Emily Hope

BSc, MSc Human Nutrition (University of Otago)


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