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Simple Feijoa Smoothie

Here's a simple way to enjoy the bounty of feijoas that currently surround us at this time of year. They are quite literally everywhere! We live a hop, skip and jump from the family feijoa orchard so fresh fruit is always in plentiful supply in Autumn. Feijoas are a rich source of fibre and Vitamin C which are important for digestion, gut health and immunity amongst many other health benefits. I like to enjoy my smoothie with a tablespoon of muesli or nuts on top to add some crunch!

A great breakfast for those that want something light yet nutritious or as a snack between meals. If you're enjoying this smoothie as a post-workout snack, you can always add a scoop of high-quality whey protein powder to increase the protein content to support optimal muscle repair and recovery immediately after training. Protein powder for adults only though - supplements are not appropriate for children.

Simple Feijoa Smoothie - serves 1 adult or 2 little ones

  • 1 banana (fresh or frozen but a frozen banana will make it lovely and thick and creamy!)

  • Flesh of 2 feijoas

  • Cinnamon

  • Dash of milk (nut, cow or soy milk)

  • Handful greens (silver beet, spinach, kale)

  • 1 Tbspn nuts or muesli (optional)

  1. Place all of the ingredients, except the nuts or muesli, into a high-powered blender or Nutri-bullet until combined. It should be thick and creamy.

  2. Top with nuts or muesli if using and enjoy!

Gluten-free, Dairy-free (is using nut or soy milk), Vegetarian, Refined Sugar-Free

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