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Calling all Porridge Fans! WIN WIN WIN!

If there’s one thing I WISH I could eat, it would be oats! Packed with fibre and cholesterol lowering goodness, oats provide long-lasting energy to keep you going all morning.

For those that don’t need to follow a gluten-free diet, you’re in luck as Harraways have just released NEW steel cut oats. Rather than being rolled like other oats and leaving flakes, steel cut oats are oat groats cut into smaller pieces so they provide more texture and wholesome goodness while retaining their nutty flavour.

I’d love to know more about your favourite way to enjoy oats for breakfast…with yoghurt or milk? With chia seeds or LSA? With feijoas or stewed apples? Perhaps with a dollop of peanut butter or toasted nuts?

Just share your most delicious oat breakfast and you could be winning yourself some nutritiously yum Harraways Steel Cut Oats to keep your belly warm and your appetite happy over Winter!

Enter on Facebook here by commenting with your favourite porridge combo (brownie points for pics too!). The winner will receive 2 x packs of each new flavor (Original, Apple & Honey, Brown Sugar, Sultana and Cinnamon), a recipe card and a Harraways tote bag. Competition closes – Sunday June 12th. Open to NZ residents only.

PS. This is my hubby’s fav way to eat them – with organic milk, sliced banana and crunchy stuff! Hank (the pooch) loves it too!

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