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Three simple things that have helped me while growing a baby…

While afternoon naps, cheese and bread were lifesavers during my first trimester, there are a few things that have become staples as my belly grows along with our little bundle of joy…


The water is so lovely and cool on tired, sore (not to mention heat swollen) feet. The major bonus is that you feel absolutely weightless - not like that land feeling of your rapidly growing belly that now won’t fit into any of your clothes. You can just splash about and feel delightfully pregnant and large, yet light!

The major advantage of swimming however, is that it is a great way to maintain your fitness levels and stay healthy and active during pregnancy without any unwanted pressure or strain on your busy baby-growing body. Over the holidays when we weren’t near a pool, an ocean swim became a daily ritual for me and bubs. However, I now try and visit the local pool at least three times a week, even if it means squeezing my baby belly into togs. I’ve opted for a two piece – far more comfortable as you grow!

Decaf coffee

For me, coffee and pregnancy just didn’t go together. I tried one as a special treat on Christmas day but my sweaty palms, rapidly beating heart and shaky nap a few hours later made me realise coffee was no longer a friend of mine or the bubs. Before getting pregnant, I was a “one- flat-white-a-day” kind of girl. However, in the early stages of pregnancy even the smell of coffee made me feel really sick. But, now that I can tolerate both milk and the flavour of coffee again, I look forward to my daily, calcium-rich indulgence with no ill effects on a racing heart. Just calm, creamy coffee.

I encourage all expectant mums’ to be honest with themselves about their caffeine intake and how it truly affects them. If you feel anything but pleasantly energised after your coffee maybe you need to think about an alternative. I did and simply swapped to decaf (one a day only) and I feel so much better for it! Or you may like to try tea or green tea which contains less caffeine than coffee or a decaffeinated tea such as this one offered by Dilmah or a lovely herbal tea . The choices are endless really!

Clothes that actually fit your new body...

A few weeks ago as my clothes become uncomfortably tight and just plain terrible looking, I decided it was about time I found some clothes that fitted my new belly. So I toddled off to town and with less than $100 invested in two dresses and a pair of shorts. It wasn’t a huge shop by any stretch of the imagination, but boy, just a change of clothes made me feel like a million dollars! While I make the most of my old clothes that still fit and feel comfortable, it is so lovely having just a few items that are new and that will continue to fit my blossoming silhouette over the next few months.

To make getting dressed easier I’ve packed away all of my favourite clothes that no longer fit nor could do up for next Summer, or when I return to fitting them, and have filled my wardrobe with staples that still fit, clothes that had been hiding that now fit perfectly over my new womanly features and my new purchases. I have also just bought some delightful maternity jeans for winter so I'll be wearing snuggly jumpers, jeans and boots when the chilly weather makes an appearance!

I also haven’t forgotten about my friends bread and cheese, oh and the humble spud. All three are still a regular on the menu but now with a pile of colourful vegetables alongside them.

Here’s to growing bellies and little bundles. I hope the expectant mums out there enjoy this incredibly special time of watching your body change and adapt to nurturing what is to become your family. Emily xx

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