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An Auckland Appetite for Adventure


Whenever I’m away I always plan to eat at delicious eateries that I follow on social media. My husband can attest to the fact that our holidays and weekends away are always, quite literally, planned around dining spots! But the good news is that our adventure for delicious bites always takes us further and we discover so much more about what our destination has to offer.

During the weekend I was in Auckland for a sports nutrition conference and having lived in the City of Sails for a number of years, it does feel a bit like going home. Of course, I still have my old favourites but I’m always keen to try new spots. Cities offer such an array of healthy and extremely scrumptious options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and of course the necessary ‘keep you going whilst shopping’ snacks. Don’t even get me started on the coffee and the amazing varieties of nut milks to try!

Here’s wee snapshot of my favourite spots that I tried over the weekend…

A small yet beautiful café tucked away on the North Shore that is filled to the brim with nutritious wholefoods. Think house made Granola Parfaits with Yoghurt and Fruit, Cacao Chia puddings, fresh smoothies, Moroccan Fritters, rustic colourful salads and decadent treats made with nutritious ingredients such as Raw Caramel and Ginger Slice. They have a selection of nut milks for your coffee such as almond and hazelnut along with sweet and creamy coconut milk. It's also a favourite spot for the talented Black Sticks to re-fuel post-training!

The stormy journey from the North Shore to Ponsonby was well worth the adventure for the deliciousness that arrived at Orphans Kitchen.

Picture this if you will, I’m driving in a borrowed car (thanks Aunty Gael!) in the pouring rain across a wind battled harbour bridge with my head out the window trying to see because the front window wouldn’t stop fogging up, only to arrive in Ponsonby with about a million other cars trying to battle for the limited number of carparks in imminent distance to their dining destination. Once parking in goodness knows where and protecting myself with a giant red and white umbrella (thanks Aunty Gael once again!) from the sideways driving rain I arrive to a cosy, candle lit restaurant filled with happy diners content with their warming plates of lovingly prepared fare.

The delightful staff pointed me towards a free table to peruse the menu over a glass of red while I waited for friends to arrive. The menu was exciting and humble at the same time. I opted for the Wagyu Cheek with Jerusalem Artichoke, Almond and Rosemary Flower along with a number of beautiful sides which our table shared including Tina’s salad, Heirloom Carrots and Kumara Chips. Tina’s Salad was simply chunks of Iceberg lettuce topped with an enviable green dressing while the Heirloom carrots were sweet, sticky and adorned with crunchy seeds. These guys sure know their way around a vegetable patch!

This little beauty is an absolute favourite. A buzzing atmosphere, beautiful almond milk Flight Coffee and famous eggs, waffles and superfood smoothies. On this occasion I opted for the gluten-free toast (bread made by Bread & Butter Bakery) topped with basil pesto, smashed avocado, fried halloumi, sliced tomato and fresh basil but I could quite happily go back every week and try something new. I have heard so many wonderful things about the green eggs which will be my next order along with the Pear and Almond Smoothie. Yum!

Anyone who knows me well. will know I just adore Petite Kitchen and Eleanor’s food philosophy and simple and humble recipes so I was super excited to visit Mondays and try the wholesome fare. I certainly wasn't disappointed.

Down an unassuming alley, I found a tiny corner of tranquillity along a busy Kingsland street. Greeted by an Ombrѐ wall of Autumn leaves and snuggly rugs to wrap myself in, I enjoyed a warming bowl of the most beautiful Brown Rice Oatmeal topped with Rhubarb Compote, Cinnamon and Almonds. It was the perfect lunch on the rainiest of days. Of course, I couldn’t leave without trying the Banana and Chocolate Smoothie and taking a sneaky piece of the Raw Bounty Bar home to enjoy later this week.

Auckland you are filled with deliciousness but I always love coming home to slowed traffic, clean air and rain that is far less crazy. See you next time!

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