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Coconut + Peanut Butter Pudding...AKA the pudding that mum made.

Before our lives changed in a heartbeat when mum suffered her unexpected brain aneurysm and subsequent stroke, almost three years ago now, this was one of the last things she made and delivered to me at home in my newborn baby haze. So in honour of that very special time when memories seem almost sacred now, I share with you this recipe for "The Pudding that Mum Made". Made simply with Little Bare Coconut Cream, Pic’s peanut butter and pure maple syrup, these wee puddings are truly heavenly. Thank you mum for dropping off something so delicious!

Coconut + Peanut Butter Pudding – serves ~4

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Refined Sugar-Free (see options below)

  • 1 can Little Bare coconut cream

  • 3 Tbspn Pic’s crunchy peanut butter (or use smooth :))

  • 2 Tbspn pure maple syrup

To garnish:

  • Toasted peanuts (about 1 Tbspn per serve, chopped or leave whole)

  • 4 squares Dark Chocolate, grated or finely chopped

  • Fresh mint leaves - optional

  1. In a bowl, beat together the coconut cream, peanut butter and pure maple syrup until thick and creamy

  2. Spoon into serving glasses and place in the fridge to set for around 1-2 hours.

  3. Just before serving top with chopped or whole roasted peanuts and grated or chopped chocolate.

  4. Enjoy!

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